Off-Road Adventure – Veliko Tarnovo – Arbanasi

Hillview VT gives you the unique chance to enjoy the amazing nature and historical heritage of Veliko Tarnovo and its surroundings. We give you the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Tarnovo hills, to enjoy the incredible views that open to the centuries-old city and to see from above some of Bulgaria’s most unique cultural and historical landmarks like Tsarevets and Trapezitsa . Climb the high crossed hills around our old capital and experience the emotion of the off-road experience.

Together with these extraordinary sensations, you will get in touch with the old Bulgarian socialist history, as you cross the steep wooded hills with a classical socialist machine – the one and only jeep Uaz.

For your safety, we provide a professional driver, a technically up-to-date vehicle, as well as additional insurance for passengers. You are also provided with safety instructions during the ride.

Up to 6 passengers can board the jeep at once.
It’s up to you if you want and exhilarating and emotional and full of adrenaline off-road experience or you would enjoy more a peaceful ride in the nature.

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