Samovodska charshia

Wood carver

The craftswoman Rumyana has been practicing her craft since she was 12 years old, and many foreigners return to Veliko Tarnovo for her products. She makes spoons, shepherd carving, draws and writes with a pyrograph. She has been carving the beautiful and massive panels and elegant spoons since 1996. Rumyana is the only artist in the region who also works with pyrography. Of her previous works, her pride is a panel measuring 100 by 50 cm. ordered by a client from Greece, which is a stylized image of the city of Veliko Tarnovo. She also made an ethereal miniature cross made with an openwork technique on a 5 mm walnut board. In addition to the panna, the openwork musical instruments in which Rumyana inscribes human faces, as well as the spoons with openwork or shepherd patterns on the handles, are also in demand.

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