Samovodska charshia


Masters Miglena Chatalova and Valeri Yotov have turned their weaving loom on the street of crafts in Veliko Tarnovo into a fairytale kingdom of dyers.

All works are made entirely by hand with a lot of positive energy and each one is unique – what the craftswoman felt during the day is woven into them. The loom has not changed much in its construction and technology since the 17th century. For these reasons, the atelier is marked with the sign “Samovodska charshiya – Handmade”.

There is another loom in the atelier, which is a museum exhibit over 120 years old. but it can still be worked on. On it, everyone can learn about the parts of the traditional Bulgarian loom (shuttle, bardo, cross, pulleys, pedals, threads).

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