Samovodska charshia

Кnife workshop

The knife workshop is among the attractions of the Samovodska Bazaar in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. It is located above the weaving mill, about thirty meters to the left after the Hadji Nikoli inn. In the knife workshop of Kiril Dimitrov, every stranger can get the cold weapon he needs, for home use, tourism, hunting or as a souvenir. Here, beautiful but also deadly dangerous melee weapons are made – from ordinary knives and daggers to swords and samurai swords. Available are classic kitchen knives, hunting models, knives for hiking activities and practices, sports knives, folding knives, smaller ones, with deer antler. Unique ones are also made, mainly hunting knives, swords and sabers. Of course, the trademark of the armory – the sword and dagger of Vasil Levski.

Due to the manual, artisanal production of the weapons, the workshop is marked with the sign “Samovodska šarshiya – Handcrafted”.

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