Samovodska charshia


Husein Hasanov is a fourth-generation coppersmith, he is one of the few craftsmen at the Samovodska charshiya who crafts his products entirely by hand and learned everything from his father Hassan. His father is said to have been a legend of the revival street, he was often called out from his home to show tourists and other curious what  coppersmithing is all about. Now his tools, made especially for him, have been passed down and do the same wonderful job. But Hussein himself spent many years in the bazaar. On the wall is his master’s certificate from 2010, but his craft is much earlier. The workshop is also decorated with old, hundred-year-old colanders and bowls, which he painstakingly collected for people to see. “I learned everything from my father first by watching, he from his and so on to my great-grandfather.

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