Samovodska charshia

Artistic work of wood

Upon entering the cozy Wood Carving Studio Stoychevi, people find themmself in a fabulous world of patterned and cheerful wooden figures, such that can only be created by a person with a rich imagination and skillful hands.
There are baby elephants “for faithful friends”, gloves “for more money”, kittens “for home comfort”, storks “for more children”, giraffes “for successful business”, a whole army of donkeys, roosters, grotesque human figurines and all other menagerie . The shop is a whole zoo, full of wooden spoons and figurines of the entire zodiac circle.
Along with them, panels with typical views of the city, rosaries, and all kinds of wooden ornaments hang on the walls and shelves.
The chess board with pieces as if they came out of a fairy tale is also of great interest.

On warm days of the year, one can enjoy the master work in the atelier and directly through its wide open windows. They are often crowded with tourists buying the unique figurines with bags.

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