Slaveikov House

Veliko Tarnovo, 5 Dragoman Str.
April - October: In request November - March: In request You can visit the house-museum only with prior arrangement (at least 1 day earlier) on +359 885 927 009.

Slaveikov House

Petko Rachov Slaveikov was born here on Nov.17th 1827. He started his work as a teacher in 1843.

He was one of the most active leaders of the struggles for independent Bulgarian church. He took part in Russian-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-78) and afterwards he was a member of the National Assembly, which held to write the country’s first Constitution, known as The Turnovo Constitution.

Petko Slaveikov was renowned poet and writer, one of the creators of the literary Bulgarian language. He was a talented journalist and editor as well.He died in 1895.

His home was restored in 1971.In front of it we can see the monument of Slaveikov, designed by Blagoy Iliev.

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