The museum of History in the town of Kilifarevo

Kilifarevo, 11 Petko Ahchiev Str.
9.00 - 16.00 - in a request on: +359886927014.

The museum of History in the town of Kilifarevo

The town of Kilifarevo is situated 11 kilometers southwards from Veliko Tarnovo. The exhibition of the museum is located in the so called Saralieva House, which was built in XIX century. The exhibition is of general historic type – throughout rich documentary and photographic materials, as well as objects, the history is traced from its earliest stages, through the mediaeval times, to the Ottoman yolk and the Revival period. It reviews the material and the spiritual life of the citizens.

The ethnographic part of the exhibition displays itself into two plans; the one is the interior of a rich craftsman family from the end of the XIX century and the other is the interior of a traditional rural family from the same period. The traditional Bulgarian way of living is intriguing existing together with the European atmosphere in the craftsman interior.

The material culture and the ethnographic characteristics of the region are outlined by the means of an open-air exhibition in the house’s yard, under specially adopted shelters. In its natural surroundings is shown rich collection of materials, tools and products of the agriculture, transportation, and the typical for the region crafts and jobs- cart-wrights’, cooperage, agricultural tools- making, spinning, goat skin products- making, pottery-making, stone-cutting and others from the end of XIX and the beginning of XX centuries.

Real masterpieces of stone plastic arts are the gravestones from the period of the Revival.

On the ground floor there is a small art gallery, exhibiting a collection of paintings, graphics and sculptures.

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