Emen canyon
Emen canyon
Emen canyon


Emen canyon

село Емен

Emen Canyon is a gorge of the Negovanka River, which is a tributary of the Rositsa River. It is located 20 km west of Veliko Tarnovo and 8 km from the main Sofia-Veliko Tarnovo road. The canyon begins south of the village of Novo Selo, is interrupted by a valley extension in which the village of Emen is located, thus dividing into two parts – Lower and Upper Boaz. The more picturesque part of the canyon is the Lower Boaz, where Negovanka flows through 90-meter sheer cliffs and has cut numerous rapids, waterfalls, pools and niches in the soft limestone.

The Lower Boaz

It starts immediately northeast of the village of Emen, heads northeast and after about 2 km ends at the “tail” of the Negovanka dam. It’s 2 km of pure, unadulterated beauty. The high and steep limestone rocks that rise above the river winding in the gorge are like sentinels that protect its waters from the sun’s rays. In this task they are also helped by the abundant greenery of bushes, trees and flowers, to which they have helpfully provided shelter.

There is also an eco-path nearby, which runs along the entire length of the Lower Boaz. It begins with the Yemen Cave, located on the left bank of the river, passes through the Momin Skok waterfall, where it is the narrowest part of the canyon, and ends at the lower part of the Negovanka Dam.

Momin skok waterfall

It is located at the end of the Negovan Ecopath. The waterfall is reached in 45 minutes, the first 30 being on a flat path through the forest, and the last 15 being on a very steep and sandy slope.

Although at the end of the canyon, Momin’s Leap Falls is the most impressive place in the canyon. It is 10 m high and is surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs. A beautiful wide pool is formed below it, which is lit by the sun only early in the morning. The legend tells about the beautiful Neda and her friends, who lost their lives in order not to be kidnapped in the harem of the Turkish bey from the neighboring village of Musina. When the Turkish guards went to the village of Emen to take the girls, the girls ran to the rocks above the big pool. They untangled their beautiful long hairs, braided them into a common braid, and threw themselves into the deep pool together. Touched by the fate of the ill-fated girls, the people named the place Momin’s Well, and the waterfall Momin’s Leap.

The Emen Cave

The Emen Cave is one of the longest caves in Bulgaria (3113 m). It has been established that it was inhabited during the Neolithic, there are also finds from the Bronze, Early and Late Iron Age and Antiquity. During the times of socialism, it was turned into a farm for the cultivation of mushrooms, later it was a dairy for maturing cheese, part of a military site, and finally they even made a restaurant in it. These uses of the cave did not last long, but traces of construction can be seen inside. This is the only cave in our country that has an elevator shaft. The Emen Cave is one of the underground habitats of bats in Bulgaria with national and European significance. Several species live and reproduce in it, but unfortunately their number is constantly decreasing. Local caving clubs have joined forces to save this precious natural resource. Entering the cave is not desirable. Apart from the Yemen Cave, there are 12 other caves in the area.

How do you get to Emen Canyon?

You pass through Emen and  the path starts from the exit sign of the village, to the right of the road. Around it there is a convenient turnoff where you can leave the car. The most convenient way to get to the village is if you use a private car, a rental car or a taxi.

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