“We are not one of them” according to Chudomir

07 Mar
Thu, 7 March 2024
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Музикално-драматичен театър "Константин Кисимов"

We Bulgarians love to laugh at the shortcomings of others. We criticize gossip, but we spread the hottest gossip ourselves. We hate adultery, and often it turns out that we are hiding some sin or another. We laugh at drunkenness, and not infrequently find ourselves under the table. All this is not foreign to the colorful characters of Chudomir. The iconic images of Popa, Kaka Siika, Lyzhliv Sabi, Neno the Senegalese, Daskala, Young Pavli and Totka the Widow come to life in a colorful and funny kaleidoscope that started with a funeral and ended with a wedding – the ultimate experiences in one day, in one village, in one Bulgaria.
These colorful characters pull amazing stunts, but are never angry at the end. The humor is always harmless, and the line between truth, joke and fantasy does not exist. And somewhere between the songs, dances and jokes, a little sadness sneaks in, a beautiful nostalgia for some colorful and unique images that have gradually disappeared in our unified time. The pain of an enchanted language in which beautiful words have been replaced by cold foreigners.

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