Daisy and Monkey

Daisy and Monkey “Polite words” children’s muppet show with karaoke

10 Dec
Sun, 10 December 2023
Start date
Голяма зала на Община Велико Търново

Puppet-muppet SHOW dedicated to Polite Words! Margaritka’s new characters – the magic words Excuse, Please and Thank you are the main characters in Margaritka’s puppet show! And the children’s favorite characters Bibi, Mimi, Owl and Daisy will be waiting for all children to introduce them to their new magical friends! Monkey the Monkey and the Number Train will take Bibi and Mimi to the land of Polite Words. There, through magic, magic and a fairy tale, our heroes and all children will understand what the magic of Polite Words is, why they are important for us and what is the point of using them!

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