“Crazy to tie”

09 Nov
Thu, 9 November 2023
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МДТ "Константин Кисимов"
A whole galaxy of stars of the Satirical Theater takes us to the waiting room of a psychiatrist! Insanely funny situations, frankly crazy characters, incredible twists, laughter, laughter and more laughter follow...
"Can we understand ourselves? Do we want to understand ourselves? Yes, but we only have to forget about ourselves. The attempts go on, even when we cry or burst out laughing. But the scariest thing is to stand up and admit to ourselves . Yes, we confess to ourselves, especially in the bathroom, but when it comes to confessing to other people, we grit our teeth and keep quiet. And it takes a lot of smiles and clapping to talk. Let's laugh together and help each other."
- Kalin Sirmenov, director
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