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Cybar is our bar and «base» of everything happening in a space with an authentic atmosphere and culture. Here you will find all the available equipment to break away from everyday life and enjoy good music and quality drinks. Cybar is self-service, and our team encourages online ordering and offline communication.

Cybar is divided into several zones offering different activities.

Bar and terrace for eating homemade food and a variety of drinks in combination with live concerts, various parties or a well-chosen music playlist.

Party library is an area for consumption in a secluded environment, a place for organized cultural events and social events in a narrow circle.
Gaming station and «Backstage» Gaming room is our enriched gaming area, board games, family games, PlayStation and other «machines» to fully satisfy gaming needs. Use of this area is limited to 2 hours per day and is for Powwow Club members only.

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