The cat gang - Stage of the Ages

The cat gang – Stage of the Ages

01 iun.
sâm, 1 iunie 2024
Data de început
01 iun.
sâm, 1 iunie 2024
гр.Велико Търново, ДКС "Васил Левски"

The cat gang comes to Veliko Tarnovo for their favorite holiday – Children’s Day!
Incredible music, dances, a story about the eternal battle between good and evil await us on June 1 at 11:00 a.m. at the Vasil Levski Palace of Culture and Sports in Veliko Tarnovo. The doors of the hall will be opened after 10:30.
The performance is part of the program for children and youth audiences „Scene of the Ages – A Look at the Future” 2024 and admission is free.
The roles of the famous kittens from the neighborhood cat gang will be played by the little talents from „Bon-Bon”. The main characters of the musical succeed with magic and the help of Good, with courage and perseverance and with the power of friendship to defeat the Great and Bad Wizard of the Dark Kingdom – Rath-Surat. This and other beautiful messages are addressed by „The Cat Gang” to all children, grown and not grown, in this confused world. One of the favorite stanzas of the little ones is:
„I give a paw to a friend,
and in trouble I protect him! „

Music: Stefan Dimitrov
Libretto: Gergana Sotirova
Director: Biserka Kolevska
Scenographer: Zlatka Vacheva
Choreographer: Jasmina Stoyanova /dance studio „Pumpal”/
Vocal teachers: Rozi Karaslavova, Yana Baleva, Elizabeth Nesheva
Arrangements: Stefan Dimitrov and Boris Chakarov
Music producer: Rozi Karaslavova, Bon-Bon music

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