Photographic exhibition

Photographic exhibition „Mothers and Sons”

09 mai
joi, 9 mai 2024
Data de început
23 mai
joi, 23 mai 2024
Изложбени зали „Рафаел Михайлов“

Photographic exhibition „Mothers and Sons” will be presented by Daniela Mineva from Veliko Tarnovo. The exhibition will be opened on May 9 at 5:30 p.m. in the „Rafael Mihailov” Exhibition Halls, Veliko Tarnovo. This is the second solo appearance of the talented photographer. In February last year, she presented her project „Faces in the Silence”, which received the approval of the public and was opened to great interest in the Exhibition Halls. My current exhibition is an attempt to present the intimate relationship between a mother and a son, which largely builds us as persons (and us – the mothers, and them – the sons). Saturated with many emotions, it often remains non-verbal, hidden in the innermost corners of the soul. This series of black-and-white photographs traces the change in relationships over the years and through growing up, distancing and coming together, says the author. Philosopher by education, photographer by vocation, talented singer, inspired art director of Folkloric Formation Pletenitsa, are just some of the faces of Daniela Mineva.

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