IX World Folklore Cup - Veliko Tarnovo 2024

IX World Folklore Cup – Veliko Tarnovo 2024

08 mai
mie, 8 mai 2024
Data de început
13 mai
lun, 13 mai 2024
Летен театър Велико Търново

The IX World Cup of Folklore – Veliko Tarnovo 2024 is a competitive event, part of the Folklore Championship System of the European Association of Folklore Festivals – EAFF with the rank of International Championship. The folklore championship system includes local, national, regional, international and continental folklore arts championships. The highest event of the Championship System is the World Folk Championship. The hierarchical structure of the Championship system gives the participants the opportunity to rank and move to the next stage of the different ranked championships. The championship system is a modern form of promotion and preservation of cultural heritage, which combines a strengthened competitive start and a high level of performance of the participants.

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